MARCH 18, 2017

Had to make a quick Hamilton costume change before the panel! Was at the Pirates anniversary earlier that day.

An amazing set of cosplayers! Iris, Supergirl, Green Arrow, and the Flash.


I've been going to PaleyFest since they changed venues from the Paley Center and the Directors Guild of America to Arclight in Hollywood. I don't remember the days where you had to stnad outside in line and wait for tickets to go on sale, but I have heard the tales. But I've been going long enough to decide what it is I want from Paley and which panels I want to go to and my reasons for them. Every year, the superhero shows are always a yes!

We had a fantastic moderator in Kevin Smith. I've been a Kevin Smith fan since Chasing Amy and have watched every single one of his fan specials. If you aren't aware of Kevin Smith as a director, then you should know that he's an extremely passionate human being. When he loves something, that love runs deep, and it runs hard. (That's what she said.) I can relate to that passion, though. Fans can relate to that passion. We were lucky to have him as a moderator. Not only did he make sure to single everyone out so they'd have their say, he made sure to touch on every single show. Some moderators can't seem to handle one show, Kevin Smith handled four. He didn't even use cue cards. He went from one person to the next and handled responses with understanding, acknowledgment, knowledge, and humor. I'd love to see him host another one of these.

It was great to hear from all the stars of the show. Loved Stephen Amell's suggestion for the next crossover in which Oliver and Diggle just play chess. Then The Flash and Supergirl try to tell them that there's trouble and Oliver says, "No, thanks." That got a lot of laughs. There was a lot of emphasis of there being a true four-show crossover next year and no more speedsters for The Flash next season. The audience was VERY vocal about there being no more speedsters. The producers and writers have heard the complaint and they are taking it to their hearts and to their pens. Caity Lotz also had a hilarious moment when she mentioned being brought back as a canary of every color of the rainbow. I have no complaints about that. I adore Caity and Sara Lance. They can bring her back whenever they want.

Here's my list of cons among the many, MANY pros:

1. Don't put these four shows on one panel. Each individual show deserves time and attention. Or if Paley doesn't want to give four spots to four shows, split them up two and two. The Arrow/Flash panel a couple of years ago was fantastic. It was thorough, everyone both got to speak and have a good time on stage with each other, and it felt like plenty of time for both casts. There were full casts for both shows. With a panel of four shows, I'd love for them to acknowledge the stars of those shows and great co-leads. (Won't call them sidekicks. They all have their individual stories to tell like Alex who's has a huge year on Supergirl, for example.)

2. I really wish that they'd change venues. The Dolby is too big for these events. They have sold okay (the popular shows) and people will pay the prices that they ask for. But I loved when it was back at the Saban. That place filled up, it was fairly divided by price and section, and it wasn't in Hollywood! Hollywood and Highland is one of the busiest places in Los Angeles. When it was held in their other venues, it was just Paley people there. We all knew what we were there for. I liked that sense of community and the fandom that that brought along with it.

3. Before the show started, the announcer said not to rush the stage after the show. What did everyone do as soon as they said they were done? Rushed the stage. Honestly, I can't really blame people. If you are a long-time Paley patron, you know that this was part of the fan experience that Paley used to offer. I once rode in an elevator with Stephen Schwartz and Scott Alan after a Paley event and after they mingled. There used to be some mingling, but not anymore. I feel like the bigger venue has really taken away from that experience. On the other hand, like a stage door at the theater, mingling with the celebrities at Paley shouldn't be expected or given. It's their choice to stay or not to stay and everyone is incredibly gracious of their time when they do stay for autographs.


Overall, a really great event. Wish they'd separate the shows two/two or separate panels covering a couple of days, but I'm glad I got to go.