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Well, I finally did it. Two years after seeing the original video posted on YouTube, I finally did the thing I said I was going to do and just in time for Asian American Pacific Islanders Heritage Month! Something like this may have been more appropriate for say, November, where National Adoption Day falls and is generally considered National Adoption Month. But it was now or never. I’d already delayed it some two, three years.

I’m proud of the way it turned out and I feel like I could’ve clarified some questions but with a running time of almost half an hour, I think I did the best I could. It’s not often that I get to talk about adoption or my adoption. I’d like to start doing that more to gain a better sense of my past and some of my own self-awareness. I think it’s an important topic and especially important for adult adoptees to share their history and share their stories for anyone that may be going through similar experiences with similar emotions. I know that hearing from someone who shared my feelings as a child, a young teen, a young adult would’ve helped me greatly in my development. So I hope that being open and talking about it will be beneficial. That’s all I hope to gain out of this.

I always encourage discussion and conversation so questions and comments are always welcomed!

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