Review: Walt Disney World – Port Orleans, Riverside Accessible Room


Well, I just came back from an incredible week-long vacation at the other Happiest Place on Earth and I had the most amazing time! Some hiccups here or there that I plan on writing about, but I thought I’d talk about accommodations first. I went on this trip with my mother who usually requires an accessible room. For those who aren’t familiar with accessible rooms, they’re usually rooms that provide accessibility for persons with various disabilities. My mom has a hard time with stairs due to a knee problem so we either need to have access to an elevator or have a room that requires no stairs. In this case, I requested an accessible room at the Port Orleans Riverside resort, and Disney granted my request by providing us a room on the ground floor easily accessible through various pathways that required climbing no stairs.

Before booking a room at the resort, I did my homework, and heard that the resort was large. There are several bus stops located around the resort and I was worried how far we’d be from the food court and the main bus stops. I stayed at the Art of Animation Resort the last time I went to Walt Disney World about four years ago and the walk from the Little Mermaid section to the front of the resort was a long walk when I was pushing my mom in a wheelchair. I had the same concern about Port Orleans. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about.  The room we were given was close to the main entrance, transportation to Disney Springs, and the various food areas. The name of the building we stayed in was Parterre Place. Here’s a map of the resort for reference:

Parterre Place is right there in #95. Just a short walk over a bridge that’ll take you to the main desk, the food area, and the boat to Disney Springs. It was extremely convenient.

I made a little video tour of the room so you get an idea of what it looks like including all the features and details that makes it an accessible room. Check it out below!

As you can see, the bathroom is completely accessible, the size of the room is large enough to fit a wheelchair, easy to hang clothes in the closet, door easy to lock. It was a great room for our needs. I didn’t review it for visually impaired, mostly mobility impaired, and for those reasons highlighted, it was a room that worked well for us. It was accessible through the pathways and close to the main check-in counter, food areas, and buses heading to the resorts.

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