I didn’t get that Disney+ reviewer job but I’m doing it anyway!

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A few months ago, there was an announcement by a site called reviews.org that they were running a contest for the biggest Disney fan. That’s clearly me, right? Right. So I picked my favorite movie — Ratatouille — and got to work on a submission video for the site. The day comes, the winners are announced, and none of them are me. Well, that wasn’t going to stop me and it isn’t going to stop me from doing my own watches entirely on my own. If you want to check it out, here’s my submission video below:

I tried real hard, guys. Real hard. This is going to be blocked from YouTube or any other social media platform because I used actual clips in there. No copyright infringement intended! Just put in some clips to highlight what I was talking about as commentary. Feel free to check it out if you want. I’ve been writing down what I’ve been watching because boy, there sure is a lot on Disney+ I’ve only been faced with very minor problems that I’m not sure are problems with my Firestick or problems with the app itself or my internet connection.

There’s been a few times where the movie just stops while it’s playing and I get the spinning wheel of death. Then I usually get an error message with the cute Disney characters on it telling me that I need to reload the app. But it doesn’t really reload right away. I usually have to reboot my Firestick to be able to use it properly.

Also, Disney+ could definitely use a restart or a resume button the way that Netflix and other streaming services have as an option. I have to guess where I was, which is hard when you’re binging, for example, a series. I started with The Simpsons and I could never remember what episode I finished last because…there are more than 20 years of shows to watch.

Here’s a list of what I’ve watched so far:

November 12
– Float
– Bao
– Babes in Toyland

November 13
– The Mandalorian, episode one
– The Imagineering Story, episode one
– Plausible Impossible

November 14
– Flight of the Navigator
– Reluctant Dragon

November 15
– The Mandalorian, episode two
– The Imagineering Story, episode two

November 18
– Bedknobs and Broomsticks
– Mary Poppins
– Jungle 2 Jungle
– Blank Check
– A Goofy Movie

I immediately went with some childhood favorites like Babes in Toyland, a movie I started watching at 2 years old after someone taped it on television for me. Plausible Impossible was another one I used to watch all the time because someone recorded it for me on a VHS. That’s really the point of Disney+, isn’t it? They know they’ve had us since childhood and they’re going to grab us by the nostalgia and have grown adults weeping at our own memories. That’s what’s happening here and I’m paying $6.99 a month for the privilege.

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